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GeoDream Travel is a travel advisory and planning service, passionate about helping people discover new and exciting places by building customized trip itineraries! We feel as though everyone should be able to see the world, in their own way, and we can help make that a stress free process. 

Lake Tahoe, CA


GeoDream Travel's mission is to explore your travel dreams and develop a plan to make them a reality. 


Our goal is for you to feel like your travel ideas and dreams can come to life! We want to work with you to understand what experiences you want out of your vacation and then we can offer skilled suggestions and expertise to fill in the remaining details of your itinerary.


Our hope is for you to feel like your travel dreams are understood, carefully executed, and that you have expert support throughout the entire process. 

The Netherlands
Piazza San Marco
Venice, Italy

Lindsey Williams

Travel Planner & Advisor

I decided to become a travel planner and advisor because for the longest time, I've chosen to spend my spare time and resources researching and experiencing new destinations every chance I get, not to mention thoroughly enjoying planning every aspect of the trip!

Some of my favorite destinations I've had the pleasure of experiencing include:

  • Killarney, Ireland

  • Montepulciano, Italy

  • Antigua, Guatemala

  • Bruges, Belgium

  • Positano, Italy

  • Paris, Dublin, Venice and more!

I could not be more excited to work with you to plan the perfect trip and make sure your hard earned money and time off is used wisely!

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